Things that make you go ‘whoa.’

April 20, 2008

pots and hood

Some day I will have a kitchen like Michael Salmon’s at the Hartstone Inn in Camden (where I was a couple weekends ago, sitting in on one of his cooking classes).  Copper pots, handwashing sink, and an assistant. 

But until the day some rich (and as of yet, unidentified) uncle leaves me his collection of Mauviel and a kitchen boy, I’ll be schlepping my tag sale saute pans over to the sink and washing them by hand.  A former employer once told a writer from Gourmet magazine  that he wouldn’t want an electric dishwasher in his inn’s kitchen because they don’t gossip.  When the article was published it was one of those quotes that the editors enlarge and set off in italics.  I guess they thought it was funny or quaint or both.  Ha ha.

Not that I’m complaining–I love my kitchen.  It’s big and bright and clean and organized. It always smells good (today, like fresh bread and chocolate) and isn’t cluttered with things I don’t need.  But it is decidedly unglamorous.  Utilitarian, yes.  Even, at times, inspiring.  But glamorous it is not.

So it was with utter jaw-dropping, giggle-inspiring shock that Steve and I got word that our little kitchen and cafe–sans dishwasher–made Down East Magazine‘s May issue as an “other eatery worthy of note,” from their cover story “Where to eat now: Maine’s top chefs pick 50 favorite restaurants.”  Who gave us the nod?  Sam Hayward of Fore Street Restaurant in Portland.  Don’t believe it?  I don’t blame you!  We didn’t either!  But we looked and it’s true.  You can check it out yourself online or at the stands.  The very best part about the article?  Great recommendations on where to eat all over Maine.  And if any of you know Sam, be sure to tell him that he made our day. 

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